What is Google’s Manual Page Rating System?

Did you know that in addition to Google’s algorithm, they also have a manual page rating system where they manually rate websites for varying reasons? Well they do and recently (as of July 10, 2014) it is being reported that a recently rewritten secret document was “leaked“.  Well ok, this has been done in the […]

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Website Content

Now that we are well aware of the difference between “thin” content and “quality” content, here are 5 optimization tactics you can focus on to bring the right awareness and attract the right audience to your website. 1.  Bring Your Brand’s Unique Identity and Insights to Your Content The new standards of quality content can seem […]

Why Content is Still King: Crucial Updates for 2014 and Beyond

At the risk of sounding self-congratulating, I have been saying that content is king and links are the king’s ransom since I began my career in Internet Marketing. Today a modification to that statement is to add the word “quality,” as in “QUALITY Content is King.” What is the Difference Between “Content” and “Quality Content”? From […]

Beware Pages Top Heavy with Ads!

If you show ads on your site, and many are above the fold, you might want to do a quick review. Google recently announced that they’ve released a refresh of their Page Layout Algorithm affecting sites top heavy with ads. The filter, also known as the Top Heavy algorithm, downgrades the ranking of a web […]

Actionable SEO Tips from 2013

Steve over at WebGnomes.org contacted several SEO folks and asked for their most actionable SEO tips for 2013. Each of the tips come with detailed explanations and an opportunity to share (Tweet) with your followers. Contributors include Dana Lookadoo from Yo! Yo! SEO and Rand Fishkin CEO of Moz. After the last detailed tip, there […]

What Does it Mean to Use Keywords for SEO?

In order for your content to be “king”, then knowing what keywords people are using to search is important to know if you are hoping to gain website visitors from the search engines because keywords and keyword phrases can make you or break you. Without knowing what keywords people will use to search for your […]

Search Engine Correlations

Moz.com, a leading SEO tool and resource company, puts out a survey to the search engine marketing community every couple of years to understand the correlations people are seeing between the search engines algorithms and activity on the Internet. The 2013 search engine correlation chart below shows compiled responses from over 120 of the world’s […]

SEO Website Audit

Website Development Strategy A website’s success in the organic search engine rankings includes server settings that allow the search engine robots easy access to index-able content. Hitting roadblocks such as blocklisted IP addresses, invalid robots.txt and canonical name issues can cause issues such as incomplete indexing and lower rankings. The most economical way to build […]

Six Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

If you are thinking about starting a new website, obtaining visitors should be at or near the top of your list of main concerns. Any article you read about creating a successful website will talk the significance of getting traffic to your website. This is extremely important if you want to achieve the goals of any […]

Best Practices for Search Engine Marketing

Best practices for search engine marketing means playing by the rules. Some call it “white hat” (vs “black hat” spammers). We call it common sense. Search Engine Marketing Do’s Target niche semantically related keyword phrases on each page Write unique articles and have them published Build your site using CSS for layout and styles Create […]