Beware of Link Building Services

linksIn my years of studying search engine optimization, I’ve noticed that it takes some time for various tactics to stop working after a shift in Google’s algorithm. Momentum is built up by the demand and even though the evidence of tactics that should no longer be used is showing in website rankings, blog and forum posts, rants and tweets all over the web, there are those that will still try to reel in the uneducated. And this especially holds true for link building services.

Nancy over at the Washington D.C. Search Engine Academy posted this article advising her readers to beware of link building services and I couldn’t agree with her more. It really does have to be about being genuine and not artificially building links. I’ve had clients in the past that were willing to go that route even though they knew it was really “grey-hat”. And those link building tactics helped for a while however by now they’ve been caught up in one of the the Google algorithm shifts.

Bruce Clay always said that if you “play in the middle of the sandbox, you won’t get caught on the outside”. Meaning play by the “rules” and don’t try to game the search engines. That way there shouldn’t be a filter that will catch your site in one of Google’s nets in their attempt to provide the very best search engine results pages (SERPs).

Bottom line, avoid anything that is being done specifically for the links and do what’s best to reach your target audience. Submit to directories that will reach your target audience. Publish press releases because you have newsworthy information. Build profiles you will be utilizing to reach your target audience. Write about topics that will assist, entertain, interest or uplift your readers. If they are compelled by your article, they will link to it. Like I did when I linked to Nancy’s article in this post.


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