How to See Your Notes when Giving Presentations

No matter how much you practice, If you are speaking to a live audience it can be helpful to see your notes when giving presentations. It prompts you to remember everything you wanted to give the audience and keeps you on track. You see what slide you are on along with your notes and your […]

Google AdWords in a Nutshell

The most widely used and emulated pay-per-click advertising platform is Google AdWords, a bid-based system where you bid against other advertisers for space. Ads show up in Google’s search engine results pages, network partners and optionally, other websites, soon after you post them. Visibility is basically based on keywords chosen, budgets you assign and the […]

Are Google Enhanced Campaigns Working for You?

I know change creates opportunities, so why is it that I am usually less than thrilled with changes to known and loved systems, like Google’s organic algorithm (Caffeine circa June 8 2010)¬†recently upgraded and the tried and true AdWords interface.

Want to Install an Apache Server on Your Local Computer?

In the event that you want to work with WordPress on your local computer before putting it all on the Internet, you will need to start by installing the Apache server on your computer. After 3 attempts at doing this following 3 different instructions found on the Internet, the 3rd attempt was successful thanks to […]

Algorithm Update: What is Hummingbird?

Google’s algorithm update nicknamed “Hummingbird” made it’s first appearance end of August 2013 and is said to affect 90% of search queries. In true Google fashion, it appears that Hummingbird was released about a month before it was announced end of September. Not a penalty or filter, this was a true algorithm overhaul¬†(the first since […]

Actionable SEO Tips from 2013

Steve over at contacted several SEO folks and asked for their most actionable SEO tips for 2013. Each of the tips come with detailed explanations and an opportunity to share (Tweet) with your followers. Contributors include Dana Lookadoo from Yo! Yo! SEO and Rand Fishkin CEO of Moz. After the last detailed tip, there […]

Free SEO Tools

Free SEO tools have been around for a while thanks to the brilliant outside-the-box thinkers in the SEO community. These free tools can help when doing SEO research on a tight budget.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tool

These days is not enough just to have a lot of other websites linking to your site. The quality of those backlinks also factor in to help your site get better visibility in the Search Engines. This Backlink Anchor Text Analysis tool provided with permission from, helps you know what outside links your website […]

Search Engine Spider Simulators

See your site through the eyes of a search engine spider Use these search engine spider simulators to see what a search engine spider sees when it looks at a web page. Understand what content is being taken into consideration as well as what links are sending page rank off the page. A lot of […]