What Does it Mean to Use Keywords for SEO?

In order for your content to be “king”, then knowing what keywords people are using to search is important to know if you are hoping to gain website visitors from the search engines because keywords and keyword phrases can make you or break you. Without knowing what keywords people will use to search for your […]

What is Local Search and Does My Business Qualify?

Local search happens when someone searches for something by adding a location as a search parameter. In other words, What+Where=Local Search. If your business is completely online, there is no need to bother with optimizing for local searches. Past = printed yellow pages Present = local search online People use local results from the search […]

Search Engine Correlations

Moz.com, a leading SEO tool and resource company, puts out a survey to the search engine marketing community every couple of years to understand the correlations people are seeing between the search engines algorithms and activity on the Internet. The 2013 search engine correlation chart below shows compiled responses from over 120 of the world’s […]

Four Valuable Tips When Copywriting for the Web

When writing, if your goal is conversions from either a print or online campaign, you must provide compelling information that is clear, compelling and convincing. If a high search engine ranking is also one of your goals, you must appeal to the search engine spiders that scan the Internet for content and rank Website pages […]

Link Popularity: Become a Website of Authority

The simple definition of “link popularity” is how many other quality sites link to your site. Quality of the link can refer to some or all of the following depending on the search engine algorithms:

SEO Website Audit

Website Development Strategy A website’s success in the organic search engine rankings includes server settings that allow the search engine robots easy access to index-able content. Hitting roadblocks such as blocklisted IP addresses, invalid robots.txt and canonical name issues can cause issues such as incomplete indexing and lower rankings. The most economical way to build […]

Six Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

If you are thinking about starting a new website, obtaining visitors should be at or near the top of your list of main concerns. Any article you read about creating a successful website will talk the significance of getting traffic to your website. This is extremely important if you want to achieve the goals of any […]

Multiple Domains – Same Website

Do you have multiple domains all pointing to the same website content? You may have done this because you changed your domain name or maybe you purchased multiple domain names but really only have one site. Little did you know that the search engines do not look kindly on duplicate website content, which is what […]

Best Practices for Search Engine Marketing

Best practices for search engine marketing means playing by the rules. Some call it “white hat” (vs “black hat” spammers). We call it common sense. Search Engine Marketing Do’s Target niche semantically related keyword phrases on each page Write unique articles and have them published Build your site using CSS for layout and styles Create […]

Six Tips for SEO Link Acquisition and Improving Google Page Rank

SEO link acquisition is a long, tedious process and never really finished. However, if you are persistent and diligent the rewards can be profitable and gratifying. Coupled with optimized site architecture, your position and ranking in the top search engine result pages (SERPs) can be attained and your site will be viewed as a website of […]