What Does it Mean to Use Keywords for SEO?

keywords for optimizationIn order for your content to be “king”, then knowing what keywords people are using to search is important to know if you are hoping to gain website visitors from the search engines because keywords and keyword phrases can make you or break you. Without knowing what keywords people will use to search for your products and/or services online, you won’t have a chance of being found in search results.

Of course, you can pay to become one of the sponsored listings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Even then you must choose the right keywords and keyphrases to bid on. So, how do you determine what keywords are the best to use for SEO?

Keyword Research

Free and paid research tools are available online. Wordtracker is one that compiles its results from various search engines and allows you to see what people are searching for in the organic or non-sponsored listings. In addition, it gives you a sense of the number of websites that are “competing” for your keywords and keyword phrases. This allows you to look for niche keywords with lower competition, improving your chances of being found. Remember, only a handful of websites are found on the first page of the ranking results at any given time.

The biggest mistake people make when starting a keyword search is forgetting that others probably don’t think of their website in the same way they do. And, sometimes site owners and potential visitors are thinking the same thing, but just using different words to describe it. To ensure you’re taking all thought patterns into account, I suggest using the Google AdWords keyword search tool first, and keep the results in a spreadsheet or text document to analyse what will work best.

Analyse the Keywords for SEO

Then put the whole shebang into a paid tool like Wordtracker or Market Samurai and spend some more time finding additional keywords. Remember to think laterally about your product or service and see what the tool can find for you. If you don’t end up with at least 1,000 words in your list, I would be surprised. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at your competition to see what keywords they are using. They may have gone through a detailed search process already, which is why they are ranking as high as they are.

For more information on keywords and keyword research, visit the eMarketing Talk Show Keywords Category. You will find links to talk shows where industry experts have shared their knowledge and provided tips for researching and choosing keywords.

And always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

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