Search Engine Optimization Reports

website reportsSearch engine optimization reports are critical to knowing where your site stands with each of the major search engines and they can also give you an indication of what might be hindering it from ranking higher.

That said, take in all data with a grain of salt. Things are not always as they appear and you might jump to erroneous conclusions.

  • Search Engine Ranking Report

    While search engine results pages are now pretty much personalized to the end user, results are typically not that much different from one user to the next so it’s still valuable to see what your rankings are for selected search terms.¬†There are a few free online tools that will show you ranking for individual keywords, one at a time. If you want to track more, you will need a paid tool such as that found on

  • External Link Report

    Are external links benefiting your ranking? Do you know who is linking to you? Or to your competitors? Use the tool found at MajesticSEO to discover who links to you and what type of links they are.

  • Broken Links Report

    Is your ranking affected by broken links? Find out now with Xenu Link Sleuth and then fix those that are broken.

  • Website Traffic Report

    Quantify and qualify your website visitors and benchmark your progress with website analytics. One of the best out there is Google Analytics, and it’s free!

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